Who we are

We are a boutique and niche player in the offshore, nearshore and onshore BPO space across a number of industry verticals. We focus specifically in providing professional services and technology solutions to assist companies develop and implement their digital customer experience strategy or DEX. Despite the increasing global demand from both B2C and B2B communities for the implementation of true integrated digital channels most companies still operate at the edge of digital communication chaos with low customer satisfaction and sentiment ratings.

The main contributing factors to the low ratings are attributed to:

legacy applications with no single view of the customer journey and experience


fragmented communication channels
disjointed communication strategies
the inability to provide a total interaction experience

As DEX (digital customer experience) subject matter experts we lead with technology and proven methodologies with digital customer centricity at the core of everything that we do. We offer our DEX services on either an outsourced or co-sourced delivery model tailor made to the exact business requirements of each of our customers.


digital transformation innovators.


digital order from digital chaos by providing digital transformation solutions and services on an outsourced or co-sourced operating model.


organizational plasticity to form and reform dynamically as business conditions change via our state of the art and future proof omni-channel interactions platform with specific focus on DEX. a total experience through strategically connecting both the customer and employee experiences on a single digital platform.


experiences from the service agent to the customer’s experience of your brand.


your data by converting business insights into business strategy.

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